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1) Material: Polypylene
2) Colour: White, blue, green, red, yellow
3) Size: 18′ 21′ 24′ 28′ or else
4) Feature: Disposable
5) Age Group: Different sizes fit different people ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Material: 98%polyester with 2%compound carbon fiber;
Strip or grid, 5mm or 10mm
Width: 58"/60"
For making cleanroom smock and accessories.
This Large rectangular head Swab MC-PS714 is a polyester swab for cleaning broad surfaces and flat areas. Its laundered, knitted polyester head is extremely clean. A long, rigid ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Made of 100% synthetic fiber and formed using the spunlacing process, this wipe is exceptionally clean and durable. It has excellent chemical resistance. Its open fiber structure ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags
POS terminal cleaning card are a cost effective way to maintain your card readers and keeping the Magnetic Heads clean and debris free from contamination build up, increase the ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Pieces
Size: 18", 19", 20", 21"
Gram: 10GSM, 12GSM
Color: White, blue, etc
Type: Single, Double
Packing: 100PCS/polybag, 1000PCS/case
ESD mat
The ESD mat is made of rubber with two layers: The surface is static dissipative and the back is conductive.

The surface resistance of static dissipative ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Kleentips Anti-static Swab MC-PS758L, The Single-layer polyester fiber head is compressed and possesses good firmness. The fiber head is designed for cleaning small, slotted and ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Pieces
The Cleaning Pens are designed to safely clean easy-to-reach thermal print heads. The tips are made of the finest quality, lint free material. Simply swipe the Pen across the ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
MC-PS761 with Long Handle is an excellent general purpose swabs for cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Its laundered, knitted polyester head is extremely clean. A long ...
Min. Order: 500 Bags
Economical polyester interlock knit wipe is made from 100% continuous filament polyester with an interlock construction. Cleanroom laundered and packaged as Double Bag in ISO Class ...
Min. Order: 500 Bags
Cotton head, paper handle

Total length: 77.5mm± 0.6mm
Handle length: 73.0 mm± 0.4mm
Handle width: 2.46 mm± 0.07mm
Head length: 15.0 mm± 0.6mm ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Head material: Sponge
Handle material: Polypropylene
Head width: 11mm
Head thickness: 7mm
Head length: 27.0mm
Handle width: 5mm
Handle length: 65.0mm
Total length: 120mm
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Cleanroom foam swabs MC-FS712
- Large, rectangular head and long handle
- Closed-cell polyurethane foam
- Thermally bonded foam head
- Excellent solvent capacity
- ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Cleanroom Foam and Polyester Swab Features & Benefits:
* Laundered and packed under an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom
* Free from silicone, amide and DOP
* Low non-volatile residue
* ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags
Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards were developed to provide a preventive
Maintenance cleaning to remove dirt and debris from print heads. By cleaning
Your Thermal Printer on a ...
Min. Order: 10,000 Pieces
Sharp tip cleanroom foam swabs MC-FS750, The foam head is compressed and possesses good firmness. The pointed, non-abrasive foam head is designed for cleaning small, slotted areas. ...
Min. Order: 100 Bags

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